The most potent weapons in call of duty warzone

With the availability of Warzone cheats, you might want to enter into the latest arrival in the battle royale, the call of duty Warzone. With the introduction of the game, where over 150 players can be on the map at the same time, bringing powerful weapons tend to be more critical than ever.  Some weapons have ended up becoming famous with this game mode while others have become obsolete.

The following are some of the most potent weapons to look out for as you utilize the Warzone cheats:


As both a secondary weapon and a lootable item, the RPG-7 is a versatile and quite deadly weapon. It is a weapon that can easily shred the enemy’s armor in case they happen to be near an explosion, making it great for being able to clear small rooms or apply pressure to camping squads.

It tends to be adept at being able to damage vehicles, capable of disabling the squad of an enemy while they are in their track to set up in favor of the player. The RPG-7 is one of the best in the non-overkill weapons.


Nobody would have thought that a weapon used in world war II would become very powerful. The Kar98K is an iconic weapon from Modern Warfare, which finds a place in Warzone.  Its engagement ranges from the maps of Modern Warfare tend to be small, but players can still fight targets while they are several meters away in Verdansk.

With the Kar98, there is no out-duel of an HDR or even an AX-50, but the weapon’s handling is high in mobility and stat, allowing the weapon to be utilized as a sniper that is aggressive at medium distances.  When utilize while trying to pressure reposition, the Kar98K is a choice that is fantastic when fighting targets who are n the open terrains like the Airport runway or the map’s northern section.


In CoDs, submachines have been known to be strong and powerful, with Warzone not being an exception to the trend.  Out of the many SMGs, it is the MP5 that tends to be on top. It is a gun that deals with a lot of damage per every bullet, with above-average range when  it comes to SMG, and it is one that can be modified to be able to take down targets when they are at close range.

Having several attachments, it is a gun that can be customized to suit whatever it is your playstyle. It might not come with assault rifles the way it used to  or the raw damage that is made by Uzi, but the ease of use and versatility of the MP5 makes it to be the best weapon in its class.


Both the AX-50 and the HDR are ranked highly because of being able to fulfil the same role. Having a player that has a great aim can be able to down a fully armored player with just one headshot.

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