10 Tips To Transform Your Room And Make It More Beautiful And Comfortable

The bedroom is the refuge of the house and deserves a lot of attention when it comes to decoration. When well decorated, the room can improve work productivity, well-being, and even sleep health. It doesn’t need major renovations to transform it! We’ve put together simple ideas to renovate bedroom (รี โน เวท ห้อง นอน which is the term in Thai) and make it cozier. Check out:

  1. Paint the ceiling: Want to bring some color without overwhelming the look? A coat of paint on the ceiling is enough to lift the mood of the room.
  2. Bet on a headboard: The accessory is great for highlighting the decor, as well as being very practical. If it’s planned carpentry, you can put built-in openings and organize your items.
  3. Fill the walls with art: Frame photos, drawings, paintings, and special mementos and hang them on the wall. Easy way to decorate any corner!
  4. Invest in a light fixture: An imposing light fixture will give the space a boost. If you like the modern style, invest in designer pieces.
  5. Install sconces: A pair of sconces provide plenty of light without taking up a lot of space. The solution is great for improving reading times and creating a more intimate environment.  
  6. Put a wallpaper: Turn a drab wall into an art scene with patterned wallpaper. You can bet on romantic, geometric, botanical designs, among others.
  7. Bet on fabrics: An easy way to make the room cozier is to put a curtain across the window, blankets on the bed, and a rug. The pieces bring texture and charm to the room.
  8. Two-tone walls: Invest in the half wall trend for a cool and light paint job. You can mix two shades of the same color or combine paint with white for a more discreet look.
  9. Add antiques: Do you have a dressing table for your grandmother? Or a lamp from a thrift store? These antique pieces are amazing for adding a vintage and rustic feel to the room.
  10. Have a screen: The piece is suitable for dividing areas or creating compositions. For example, you can “separate” the bed from the home office corner or even turn the screen into a headboard.

Pearl Dawson

Eliza Pearl Dawson

Eliza Pearl Dawson: Eliza, a landscape architect, provides gardening advice, outdoor design inspiration, and tips on sustainable landscaping.