2 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying the Condo Ratchadamri 

As you near the retirement age, you will like buying a condo and finally settling in for a peaceful old age. But you cannot just knock on the door of a real estate manager and request a condo. You need a real game plan. Hunting for the Condo Ratchadamri [คอน โด ราช ดํา ริ, which is the term in Thai] is more than popping into the few options and picking the best one among them. You should know about the common mistakes and how to avoid them if you want to buy the best option at a fair price. 

Mistake #1: Not having mortgage pre-approval

If you don’t have the pre-approval for a mortgage, then looking for a condo is equivalent to shouting out loud that you are not serious about buying. That is because no seller will entertain you unless you have a pre-approval. in certain cases, you will actually bid farewell to any chance of acquiring a promising property as there are many potential buyers ready with the mortgage pre-approval. The pre-approval also declares how much mortgage you qualify for. It will prevent you from wasting time visiting properties that you cant afford.

Mistake #2: Condo hunting without the agent

Are you trying to find the right Condo Ratchadamri without the help of a real estate agent? Then you don’t stand a chance of getting information about the best properties on the list. Realtors are the first ones to know about the latest properties on the listing n the area where you are searching. Also, the agent can make a fair deal o behalf of you as they know how to negotiate and get you the maximum value of the price that you are paying. 

By avoiding the two common mistakes, you can actually buy a suitable condo and be happy as long as you live. 

Pearl Dawson

Eliza Pearl Dawson

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